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The O-Shot is an innovative, non-surgical treatment for women offered at Flawless Aesthetic Center. A regenerative medical technique, the O-shot involves extracting a small quantity of blood (as in a standard blood test) and then processing it to create PRP (platelet rich plasma). The PRP has a regenerative effect, with growth factors that work with your body’s natural healing properties at a fundamental level, restoring the strength, firmness and sensation of the tissues from within. The PRP is injected into a specific area of the vagina to restore, rejuvenate, and increase response in intimate moments.

Benefits of the O-Shot

The O-Shot treatment provides women with many important benefits, including:

  • Relief from pain during intercourse
  • Limits urinary incontinence
  • Increases natural lubrication
  • Creates a higher level of sexual response and sensitivity
  • Improved appearance and texture of the vaginal area
  • Tightens the area
  • More sexual pleasure and increased sensation

Cost of the O-Shot Treatment

The cost of the O-Shot treatment here at Flawless Aesthetic Center ranges anywhere between ₦250,000 - ₦750,000.

Am I a candidate for O-shot?

Because the O-shot relies on the power of PRP extracted from your blood, it is very unlikely that a client will have an allergic reaction to the treatment. For this reason, almost anyone interested in enhancing their vaginal response and correcting urinary stress incontinence will be a good candidate. If you struggle to achieve orgasm, you feel discomfort during sex, or it’s difficult for you to get aroused at all, why not come in for a private consultation with our team and find out if the O-shot is right for you?

How many O Shot treatments will I need?

Many women notice increased sexual pleasure and other benefits after just one O Shot. The PRP works to rejuvenate vaginal tissues, but it may take a few weeks to see the full results. You may choose to have a second treatment approximately eight weeks later to boost results. The treatment is completely safe and can also be repeated as necessary to maintain the positive changes.

How does PRP help with vaginal rejuvenation?

Platelet-rich plasma harnesses your body’s naturally-occurring growth factors and concentrates them for a more dramatic effect. PRP has been used in medical and cosmetic procedures for many years because of the all-natural approach to healing. When injected, the PRP inspires tissue growth and healing in the area without the use of additional medications, serums, or chemicals. PRP injections utilize your body’s own growth factors to revitalize your most intimate areas, providing very little risk for complication or infection.

How soon will I see results?

Mild soreness may occur immediately following treatment, but typically doesn’t last longer than a day. You can resume your normal routine, including sexual activities, the same day or as soon as you feel comfortable. The PRP immediately goes to work revitalizing your vaginal tissues and you will likely notice increased sensation and sexual pleasure within a few days. It can take up to three or four weeks to see the full results, so your experience will continue to improve as the PRP continues to revitalize the area.

How long will the O Shot last?

You will likely experience increased sensitivity and pleasure for one to two years. Many women will decide to have a maintenance treatment after about 18 months, but each patient’s experience is unique. The O Shot is completely safe for repeated use, so our staff will work with you to schedule a maintenance treatment when you notice the results beginning to fade.

How does the O Shot differ from other vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

The O Shot is different because it utilizes your body’s own healing compounds, as opposed to other forms of treatment that utilize radiofrequency, medication, or surgery. This non-surgical treatment carries very little risk because it uses your own cells for treatment, and involves little to no recovery time. You will likely experience very few side effects or pain, and many women notice a change in sensation quickly after treatment.

Is the O Shot covered by insurance?

The O Shot is typically not covered by insurance. We will provide a thorough overview of the associated costs during your initial consultation before deciding if the treatment is right for you. Our practice also occasionally offers additional savings, and we work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your budget.

Are there any potential side effects from O-shot?

The O-shot is safe and free from any major side effects. Minor swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the injection site are normal occurrences; these symptoms will disappear within a matter of hours. Allergic reactions to the O-shot are extremely rare, as PRP taken from the patient’s own body comprises the bulk of treatment. Clients may resume all normal activities, including intercourse, the same day as they receive their O-shot.

Why should I go to Flawless Aesthetic Center for vaginal rejuvenation?

Our staff are committed to helping you feel better about yourself inside and out. Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is administered in the comfort of our luxurious Abuja medspa to help you feel more confident in all situations. Our highly trained doctors and estheticians provide some of the best vaginal rejuvenation procedures without surgery or downtime. Our attention to detail and unmatched patient care makes us a great resource, even for your most sensitive areas.

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