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Body hair, for men, can be both a boon and a curse. It can make you appear manly and rugged, but it can also appear unkempt and or be uncomfortable in many areas of the body. In the past, laser hair removal performed mostly on women, but in recent years it has grown significantly in popularity with men who want to get rid of unsightly back hair, want a more shapely beard, want better aerodynamics in athletics or want to avoid razor burn or ingrown hairs associated with shaving. At Flawless Aesthetic Center, we offer the best Nigeria laser hair removal available, using cutting-edge laser technology so you can live life hair-free!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses scientifically-developed frequencies of light that are absorbed by the pigment in your hair and transferred down to the follicle in your skin. The light turns into heat and then safely destroys the follicle – rendering it unable to produce hair anymore. Men commonly use laser hair removal for:

  • Unsightly neck hair that they constantly have to shave
  • Getting rid unsightly back hair
  • Reducing the hair on their chests
  • Shaping their beard so that they have more defined sideburns, without excess hair on cheeks
  • Removing hair on their arms and legs to increase aerodynamics in professional sports (biking, swimming, etc.)
  • Removing facial hair so that they don’t have to shave a risk razor burn or ingrown hairs

The benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal offers countless benefits over shaving and waxing:

  • It has long-term benefits. The results of laser hair removal, unlike shaving or waxing, last for years and often for the rest of your life.
  • No shaving or waxing. Shaving and waxing are unpleasant, painful, and often embarrassing. While shaving your face is common, shaving or waxing your back can be a nightmare. Once you’ve treated unwanted hair with laser hair removal – it doesn’t come back.
  • It’s easy. Some patients report slight pain when receiving laser hair removal, but most find the discomfort to be very mild and there is no downtime.
  • Increased self-confidence. Having neatly groomed and smooth skin feels nice for both a man and his significant other. Knowing that you look and feel good can be a real boost to your self-confidence.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

If you have hair that you are tired of shaving or waxing, then you are likely a candidate for laser hair removal! It is a gentle, safe, effective treatment that works for almost anyone. We must, however, determine full candidacy with an in-person interview – so come and see us and find out!

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