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Rhinoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the nose. It can be done for purely aesthetic reasons or it can aim to correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects or external trauma. The nose, more than any other facial feature, creates facial balance and symmetry and brings together all the other facial features into an aesthetic harmony.

What Can Rhinoplasty Do for You?

Because there are a countless variety of nose concerns, rhinoplasty techniques and procedures must be very flexible and skillfully performed. Our surgeons bring to the profession decades of experience and training and have been recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons – a great and rare honor.

Although there are many procedures to choose from in doing a rhinoplasty or “nose job,” the following are the most common:

  • Resizing the nose to create a facial balance.
  • Reducing the size of a too-large nose.
  • Changing the proportions of the nose by widening or narrowing the nose width at the bridge or in the size and position of the nostrils.
  • Changing the shape of the nostrils or making one of them match the other.
  • Creating a more aesthetic nose profile by removing humps or depressions that have formed on the bridge.
  • Reshaping the nose tip for position, shape and proportion.

It should be kept in mind that everyone’s face is asymmetrical to a greater or lesser degree. Every nose job is unique, customized to the patient. It is crucial that your surgeon also has an aesthetic eye for balance and contour as well as an ability to enhance the entire face when performing a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Nigeria, Flawless Aesthetic Center

Correcting a Deviated Septum

Called “septoplasty,” this surgical procedure falls under the general category of rhinoplasty and focuses on the displacement of the bone and cartilage between the nostrils. The procedure can involve repairing and repositioning parts of the nasal cartilage and tissue to create unobstructed breathing channels.

Although some degree of deviated septum is common, severe cases need to be addressed because a reduction in airflow can lead to nasal dryness, constant sinus infections, bleeding or excessive snoring.

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What is Recovery from Rhinoplasty Like?

You may be sent home after the surgery with a nose splint and may have packing within the nose. An outside splint is also often employed to keep the new structure of the nose stable, so it can heal correctly.

Healing comes in stages. Within a few weeks the initial swelling and bruising, if there is any, will settle down but it may take up to a year for the surgical work to tighten and reveal the fully refined nose. However, during this time you should see marked improvement as the nose shapes itself in the way the doctor intended.

Rhinoplasty results are typically long-lasting, and the changes are for a lifetime. As we age, our facial features continue to change, including the nose. However, a successful nose reshaping surgery will bring more harmony, balance, and attraction to your features for the long term.

Rhinoplasty Nigeria, Flawless Aesthetic Center
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